The domain of Castille, in the Gard: a castle, an 18th century park (and a fresco by Picasso)

The astonishing domain of Castile is known only to a privileged few, apart from its current owners and their relatives: the art historians familiar with one of its former owners, famous collector of cubist paintings, and specialists who were lucky enough to be able to visit it.A far cry from the thousands of daily visitors to its close neighbor, the venerable Pont du Gard.If it is in question here, it is because it is nearby.sell, the heirs of the owners who maintained and restored it for nearly forty years wishing to part with it.Exceptional from the point of view of the history of the gardens, it is also from the point of view of that of the art in the twentieth century, and in this respect deserves a spotlight, because it would be a shame if such a place closed its gates again, for another half-century, when it has many assets to start a new existence.

Its history begins in 1773, when a certain Gabriel-Joseph Froment inherits the barony of Castille, near Uzès, in the present-day Gard department.Fashion was then at the Grand Tour (which was not yet the ...tourisme), which he will do by visiting successively England, then Italy.He will be particularly impressed by the ruins of Paestum, the Hadrian's Villa, in Tivoli, or the Palladian villas of Veneto, with their neoclassical is this universe of “real places” that he will want to recreate in the area that he will develop from 1788, by strewing it with columned temples, cenotaphs, triumphal arches or pyramids.devoid of line alignments, it will be designed by itself, divided by seven paths in undergrowth arranged in a fan pattern from the 13th century building that it will have transformed into a castle by adding corner towers, a colonnade, again, and balustrades.

Posted Date: 2020-11-20

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