My name is John Alexander, and now you are visiting my website. Thank you for that. I am natural graphic designer. What do I mean by “natural”. Well, let’s just say that some people are born for it, and some are not. I’m not saying that if you’re one of them unlucky ones, you can not, and won’t make it as a graphic designer, – all I’m saying that it’s much easier for me (as a natural) to make it.

Right after college, I started freelancing as a graphic designer in all the hippest graphic design and advertisement agencies in Dallas, – since then I built myself a name as one of the freshest graphic designers in area, so all the biggest, and cool new, upcoming companies are getting in touch with me, trying to hire for their cool projects.

This blog isn’t entirely dedicated to the topic of graphic design. It’s more general. It’s more about my life and my other interests. Since I’m obsessed with graphic design, and my whole life is revolving around that, – sometimes I just want to exercise my other fields of interest just to keep myself sharp and interesting as a person.